Help us PRAY for our Times Square Event!


Adopt a Block or Join the


Monday, August 23rd – Friday August 27th

Available Times: 1-3 pm or 6-8 pm


Adopt a day and time to bring your group to prayer walk a section of Times Square.


Choose a day, or every day, and join us to cover different blocks in prayer for the Jesus Summer Finale Celebration event.


The strategy is based on the biblical concept of Spiritual Mapping a region: “The Lord told Abraham, “Lift up now your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward, southward, and eastward and westward… Arise. Walk through the land, the length of it, the breadth of it, for I will give it to you! (Genesis 13:14,17).


Choose your team and email us to get connected!

Pastor Pura Coniglio
Pray NY
Times Square Prayer Coordinator



Team #1
Site Team

Monday, Aug. 23 | 6-8 PM

E. 44nd and 7th Avenue

Led by: Pray NY

Prayer walks from 8th Avenue and E. 44th St., along E. 44th St. to 5th Avenue on one side of the street. Prayer walks on the other side from 5th Avenue along E. 44th Street, back to the Site at E. 44th St. and 8th Avenue.
Prays on the site at the end of the prayer walk for the a) event volunteers, prayer stations, musicians, speakers, prayer leaders, weather, salvation of souls, peace and God’s purpose. Declare the siteas the Hub, Seat of God’s authority and a Holy Altar.

Team #2
Square Team

Tuesday, Aug. 24 | 1-3 or 6-8 PM

E. 41th St. and 8th Avenue


  1. Prayer Walks from E. 41th St. – E. 45th St. along 8th Avenue.
  2. Prayer Walks from E. 46th St. & 8th Avenue along E. 46th St. to Fifth Avenue.
  3. Prayer Walks Along 5th Avenue towards E. 41st St.
  4. Prayer Walks along E. 41st St. to  8th Avenue
  5. Prayer Walks along 8th Avenue to the site at E. 44th St. and 7th Avenue.
  6. At the end the team Prays on the site (E. 44th & 7th Avenue).

Team #3
Bryant Park

Wednesday, Aug. 25 | 1-3 or 6-8 PM

E. 42nd St and 8th Avenue


Prayer walks from E. 42nd St and 8th along E. 42nd St. to 6th Avenue (Avenue of Americas). From E. 42nd St. along 6th Avenue to E. 40th Street to Bryant Park. Many of the addicted and homeless souls hang around this Park and sleep and walk to TS searching for food, shelter, etc.

Team #4
Port of Authority

Thursday, Aug. 26 | 1-3 or 6-8 PM

E. 42nd St. and 7th Avenue


Prayer walks from E. 44 St. and 7th Avenue along E. 44th St. to 8th Avenue. Prayer walks along 8th Avenue to E. 40th St. to the Port Authority Building. Prays on Site as indicated above and as the Holy Spirit leads. Prays I Timothy 2:1 (For the Mayor, City officials and Borough President of Manhattan, etc.)

Team #5
Grand Central Station

Friday, Aug. 27 | 6-8 PM

E. 44nd and 7th Avenue


This is the crossroads travel center of NYC. Commerce, business, finances, Entertainment, every nation and people group travel and residents who live in the city, metro region, tri-state region and national regions are effected. Prayer walks to Grand Central Station from E. 44th and 7th Avenue to Grand Central Station (E. 42nd St. between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenues).

Prays accordingly to description and as many will travel to TS or be effected by our prayers, worship and presence of God on the Site on August 28th.

Watch children in Brooklyn prayer walk their neighborhood!

Strategic Spiritual Warfare and Intercession

Our mission is to Intercept and interrupt (block) the enemy’s effect in the region and interchange it for God’s plan. This will 1) clear and 2) prepare the “atmosphere zone” for the Gospel to “penetrate” the seared minds and hearts of the people encountered.


1. The name Manhattan (by natives), signifies “inebriation”.  Habitual, prolonged, and excessive alcoholism. To make drunk and intoxicate to the point of confusion or stupefy mentally and emotionally.  Historically, we know that the borough has operated in this “false” DNA. It has been deeply rooted in this false DNA for a very long time. This is why “this borough” is such a challenge for the Church to minister and unite, etc.  However, it has been the church’s prayers for NYC that has made the difference.

2. Focus:  Binding this Strongman operating illegally to stop the “plundering” of our city. Times Square being its “epicenter” it is strategic to declare it God’s “seat” and “hub” of the Kingdom in NYC.   Ultimately, to build Him a “sacred/holy altar” of worship and prayer there.

3. Focused Prayers/Intercessions based on mapping Information and revelation:

  • Bind stronghold of alcoholism and every kind of addiction/bondage that impairs, blinds & brings confusion of evil/good in the faculties.
  • Bind stronghold and uproot seeds of sexual immorality (porno, human sexual trafficking, all sexual sins and immorality).
  • Bind stronghold of Mammon (greed, materialism and poverty oppression and injustice).
  • Bind stronghold of Authority (ruling spirits in government and business).
  • Bind the stronghold of idolatry (arts and entertainment and media)

Declare and Release Jesus’ authority and TS as His “Seat of Authority”

Pray the presence, power, purpose, peace, provision and protection of God-Jesus the Stronger Strong man (Matthew 12:29)!
Declare: Times Square as God’s “Hub and Epicenter” of righteousness and a “Holy Altar” for the Presence of God and Prayer & Worship
Pray: for Freedom to the captives from bondages of addictions & Immorality; Insight and conviction of souls; Holy Ghost visitation/revelation of truth and Revival; Every People and Ethnic Group; Racism, Financial blessing/resources for the Church to expand and advance the Kingdom; and pray for a 24/7 House of Prayer (Isaiah 56:7) in NYC.

Declare and Release Jesus’ authority and TS as His “Seat of Authority”

Pray the presence, power, purpose, peace, provision and protection of God-Jesus the Stronger Strong man (Matthew 12:29)!

Prayer Walkers are Watchman

Must pray for insight and revelation. Watch for “sight acuity” of the bars, clubs, theaters, hotels, fashion, businesses, the ads on bill boards, and people around.  

Pray for Repentance, Peace, Wisdom and Protection before you start!