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Saturation to Transformation Movement

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DIRECTORY – All churches in a Zip Code Team will receive a Church & Prayer Coalition Directory of participating churches and contact information to use to build their teams. The Directory will be updated as each church helps to bring new churches on board to adopt their zip code at: org.

MAPS – As multiple churches sign up to adopt a zip code, Jesus Week will prepare and email out Neighborhood Census Block Maps for that entire zip code (in PDF form). Each participating church will adopt a certain number of households within their area and divide the census block maps to equal that number.

ZIP CODE TEAMS – Each team should begin communicating with each other as they receive the Zip Code Directory, in order to establish roles within their team and help grow with other churches.

    1. EXAMPLE: If a 10,000-household zip code has 10 participating churches, that team should be made up of at least 22 leaders working together: 10 Church Outreach Leaders, 10 Church Prayer Leaders, and 1 Zip Code Church Coordinator(s), 1 Zip Code Prayer Coordinator(s).

At the Church Level – Each church needs to assign: a designated Outreach Leader(s) and Prayer Leader(s) for their adopted areas.

    1. Outreach Leaders – will help organize church volunteers into mission teams for neighborhood outreaches in their assigned map areas, with the goal to reach every home with the free Gospel material.
    2. Prayer Leaders – will help develop a prayer team to pray for God to raise up volunteers, soften the hearts of families receiving free materials, and creative follow-up opportunities.

At the Zip Code Level – Each zip code team needs a designated Zip Code Church Coordinator(s) and a Zip Code Prayer Coordinator(s) to communicate and work with the assigned Church Leaders.

    1. ZC Church Coordinator – will communicate with the Outreach Leaders of each church to help organize unified strategy meetings. They will also help manage map assignments and encourage each team to stay active with their outreaches.
    2. ZC Prayer Coordinator – will communicate with the Prayers Leaders of each church to discuss unified prayer strategies for covering every outreach in that zip code, and encourage teams to stay active with prayer initiatives.

BUILD YOUR TEAMS – Use the Holy Flood Playbook to mobilize your congregations and develop transformational strategies. Work together to identify and invite neighboring churches that will partner with Jesus Week and your zip code saturation to transformation You can use the promotional/media resources provided by Jesus Week to help cast vision and mission, and/or develop your own zip code team material with your own local message. New church partners should always register at to be officially included in the directories and movement.

BUILD YOUR TEAM’S ZIP CODE WEB PAGE – Work together to document what God is doing in your zip code movement, and help tell your saturation to transformation story for all to see. Team leaders can submit approved content to:  You can include a summary of your strategy, photos, and videos to invite other churches. This will help show that your team is active and making a real difference!

PREPARE FOR JESUS WEEK 2023 – The fun has JUST begun! Attend the orientation workshops, the official Jesus Week retreat, and local planning/prayer meetings in your region for Jesus Week 2023. Encourage churches to join the movement and register their outreach to receive FREE Gospel Materials.

DOWNLOAD the PDF Version to share!