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We are asking help for Mick Richards, Media Missions.

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A Request From
Pastor David Beidel

President, Urban Hope/Jesus Week

A terrible tragedy has occurred to one of our beloved leaders and missionaries, Mick Richards. His missionary housing in Staten Island suddenly caught on fire in the early morning. Thankfully, everyone staying in the house made it out safely in time without injury. Tragically however, all of his personal belongings and ministry editing/production equipment were completely destroyed by the fire.

Although the home owners insurance will cover most of the policy holder’s personal items, it will not cover any of Mick Richards’ property or media equipment. As a result, he has suffered a complete loss.

Not only was the video/audio equipment destroyed, but all of the master hard drives and back-up drives containing years of missions film footage for critical current projects were severely damaged. Thankfully, we have been told by the data recovery company that most of the data/footage can most likely be restored. But as you can imagine, this will be a very costly process to replace all of the media ministry equipment and missions footage.

Over the past five years, Mick has been serving faithfully as Co-Founder and Exec. Director of the Jesus Week movement. He is an extremely gifted media missionary that serves churches, ministries and local missions movements. He is one of the most dedicated men of God I have ever had the pleasure to work with and has empowered and facilitated the Jesus Week Movement, which has impacted millions in the NYC Metro and throughout the nation. Throughout his time in NY Metro, he has been filming life-changing stories and putting together an incredible Jesus Week documentary series focusing on creative community/city transformation in our cities.

We have offered to start a GoFundMe campaign that can be shared across multiple social media platforms to help with his costs. 

We are asking our partners in the NY and Philly Metro area who know Mick Richards, who have seen his extraordinary work, dedication, and passion to serve churches and help build movements, to partner with us to restore the equipment/drives needed to continue on mission. Every gift will go through our non-profit Urban Hope NYC, and 100% will be stewarded back to this cause.

Please share this GoFundMe Campaign with those in your ministry networks and on your social media platforms.

Thank you for helping sow into this dear brother and critical kingdom building mission.

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