Outreach Event Registration

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Sign up for a Creative Outreach Initiative!

1. Register below and prayerfully plan your neighborhood outreach event. (BBQ, Block party, arts festival, pizza fest, book fair, etc.). We will supply outreach books, Gospels of John and tracts.

2. Use the training in the Holy Flood: Saturation to Transformation Playbook to prepare your congregation. REGISTER for your free e-book…and ORDER PHYSICAL COPIES for your study groups.

3. Send your congregation (door to door) into the neighborhood to invite people to your outreach event and then pray for your adopted households and families.

4. Adopt your Zip Code and begin working with the Zip Code Team church partners to establish longterm follow up strategies for your adopted communities. Every Zip Code Team leaders should meet regularly on Zoom and in person.

Every outreach registered will receive: 2000 Tracts, 1000 Books (12 Boxes)

If your organization is having multiple creative events, please register EACH event separately in order to ensure each can be supported and promoted fully. Once your event information is submitted, a team member will contact you with the next steps.