Hand Delivering the Gospel to over 8 Million Households

You can help saturate New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Philly Metro with our partner Saturate USA!

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Adopt a zip code, and receive free gospel materials for door-to-door neighborhood saturation!

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Simply adopt a zip code(s) to Saturate. A team of 2 people can deliver 400 Saturation Packs in just 4 hours…and a team of 25 people can deliver 5000 packs in just 4 hours.
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Saturate USA will provide and deliver all materials FREE of charge. Saturation Packs include: Door hangers, multi-language Jesus Film DVD’s, gospel tracts and adopted area maps.
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Assemble your team and your Saturation Packs which include the door hangers, DVD’s, gospel tracts and information or a brochure about your church.
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Go out as an individual or as a group and deliver Saturation Packs to your entire adopted area. What can be better than: spreading the love of God, growing your church and meeting new neighbors? Once you complete your maps, simply report by the instructions on your map!

Adopt a zip code now!

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