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Sign up your Church or Organization for a Jesus Week event!

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Every outreach event signed up for Jesus Week XL can receive a FREE


Outreach Event Pack

For Individual Outreach Events Only

500 Devotional/Children’s Books
2,000 Evangelistic Tracts
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Every church wanting to be a Jesus Week Distribution Center can receive a


Distribution Center Pack

For Church Redistribution Only

10,000 Devotional/Children’s Books
30,000 Evangelistic Tracts

To become a DISTRIBUTION CENTER and receive your materials, please email:



Please fill out all fields as best you can.

The goal of Jesus Week is to create a catalyst for neighborhood adoption.  Join us as we seek to mobilize 3000 churches to adopt 1000 or more homes in their neighborhood.
This is 3 million homes (average 4 people per home)  = 12 million people
More than the population of NYC!

Our desire is to fulfill the dream of Jesus and build cities where there are “no sheep without a shepherd.”  The Jesus Week event is a wonderful opportunity to engage your entire neighborhood by inviting them to your “party!”

When you greet them, welcome them to the event, to the church and then offer prayer.  The Lord may open the door for sharing the Gospel.  Whatever happens, as you leave, hand them the Gospel engager and say, “here is something I pray will bless you.”  Feel free to use the outreach books and the Children’s Prayer Covenant books as the Lord leads.  Although we do not have enough books for every home, as the Lord leads in these encounters, feel free to offer them as a gift or use them to add value to your Jesus Week party.

Once your event information is submitted, we will email you instructions and distribution centers for your materials when they are finalized.